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Listen to the tracks of the first Night of Jazz Guitar album frpm 2007
(with Larry Corryell, Helmut Kagerer, Paulo Morello and Andreas Dombert)

  1. Cookin' At The Continental
    comp: Horace Silver · arr: Paulo Morello · solos: Morello, Kagerer, Coryell
  2. Koala
    composition and arrangement: Andreas Dombert · solo: Dombert
  3. They Loved You More In Paris
    composition and arrangement: Larry Coryell · solo: Coryell
  4. Like Someone In Love
    composition: Jimmy van Heusen · arrangement: David Plate · solos: intro Kagerer, Coryell, Morello, Dombert
  5. Jailbreak
    composition and arrangement: Larry Coryell · solos: Coryell, Kagerer
  6. Tender Tears: Theme and Variations
    composition and arrangement: Larry Coryell
  7. Noites Cariocas
    composition: Jacob do Bandolim · arrangement: Paulo Morello · solos: Morello, Coryell
  8. Blue In Green
    composition: Miles Davis · arrangement: Andreas Dombert · solos: Dombert, Coryell
  9. Blues For Bireli
    composition and arrangement : Helmut Kagerer · solos: Kagerer, Coryell
  10. I Think It Is Too Late Now
    composition and arrangement: Paulo Morello · solos: Morello, Coryell
  11. Tadd´s Delight
    composition: Tadd Dameron · arrangement: Paulo Morello · solos: Coryell, Dombert, Morello, Kagerer
  12. Bolero
    composition: Maurice Ravel · arrangement: Larry Coryell
  13. All The Things You Are
    composition: Jerome Kern · arrangement: Andreas Dombert

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